1. Current IAAM members who have continuously served the association since the establishment, and who are willing to contribute as IAAM fellows, are eligible for being the IAAM fellows with immediate effect.

2. Other members who have been on board continuously for more than 7 years and have been active in the society are eligible for application of IAAM fellow.

3. Honored IAAM fellowship can be awarded to those who have significant contribution to the association, upon approval by majority of IAAM fellows in a case-by-case manner.

4. Commitment of IAAM fellows:

a). IAAM fellows are required to be present at all IAAM meetings and activities.

     b). During the course of IAAM fellowship service, all fellows and members should be dedicated to development of the association. IAAM fellow is an honored and long-term commitment once awarded the fellowship, the member should serve the association at least for a continuous of 10 years, regardless of the research area or physical location of the member.