IAAM Standards and Codes (IAAM-SC)

Setting the Standard & Code

IAAM offers a continuously evolving portfolio of standards across a wide range of topics, including experimental mechanics, applied mechanics, and many more other emerging technology, such as 3D printing, soft machines…

IAAM Standards & Certification Development Committees

IAAM's standards are developed by technical committees — IAAM members who represent various facets of their research and industries. IAAM offers interested parties an opportunity to participate in our standards development process regardless of nationality or residency.

Standards Development Principles

Participation on IAAM's standards developing committees is free and open to technically qualified individuals with a willingness and ability to contribute. The following principles are consistent with those established by the World Trade Organization's Technical Barriers to Trade Committee.

IAAM's standards development process operates on key principles including:

1.     Openness & Transparency

2.     Inclusion/Balance of Interest

3.     Consensus

Committee of IAAM-SC

Chairmen:      Yumin Cheng (Shanghai University, China)

                        Qian Ding (Tianjin University, China)

  Zishun Liu (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)


Yumin Cheng (Shanghai University, China)

Noy Cohen (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)

Fangsen Cui  (IHPC, Singapore)

Ying Dai  (Tongji University, China)

Qian Ding (Tianjin University, China)

Yuantong Gu  (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

Han Jiang (Southwest Jiaotong University, China)

Heow-Pueh Lee (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

K. M. Liew (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong China)

Zishun Liu  (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)

Guoxing Lu (Swinburne University of Technology,Australia)

Shaopeng Ma (Shanghai Jiaotong University, China)

Ji Wang  (Ningbo University, China)

Boris Potapov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia)

Nimal Rajapakse (Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, Sri Lanka; Simon Fraser University, Canada)

Jingjie Yeo (Cornell University, USA)

Lihai Zhang (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Kun Zhou (NTU, Singapore)

George Zhu (York University, Canada)

Jean Zu (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)


           Ying Dai (Tongji University, China)

           Rong Huang (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)

Released Standards:

           Polyacrylamide Hydrogel, A Measurement Method of Initial Elastic Modulus.International Association of Applied MechanicsIAAM-Standard_S0001-2021.pdf

           The Software of Improved Element-Free Galerkin Method for Elastoplasticity Problems.International Association of Applied MechanicsIAAM-Standard_S0001-2022.pdf

             The Software of Improved Interpolating Complex Variable Element-Free Galerkin Method for 2D Elastoplasticity Problems. International Association of Applied MechanicsIAAM-SC S002-2022.pdf